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It Is Time To Travel!

Summer’s heat is here in Texas and probably where you are too!  We all have a preference of how we beat the heat.  My preference is to go to a cooler area and enjoy the outdoors.

A few years ago, our family left about this time of year and went north.  We flew to Michigan and visited friends.  The weather was amazing!  We went to Grand Rapids, Holland, Michigan, and out on Lake Michigan and enjoyed the special time with our friends.  When we left their home, we drove through Canada to Niagara Falls and then toured New York State.  I lived in New York as a child, but I had no idea how beautiful upstate New York is!  Wow!

The Adirondack Mountains are so beautiful this time of year!  So very peaceful and there are lodges where you can stay and enjoy the outdoors in your own way.  We like to hike, but we also enjoy just relaxing and the Adirondacks has the opportunity for both.  It is a great place to visit and to get out of the heat of the summer.

We then rode the ferry over to Burlington, Vermont, the home of the original Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream.  It was cold riding over on the ferry during mid-June and I remember being glad we had jackets!  We continued on through New Hampshire, Maine, and all the states of New England.  Our oldest son turned 15 years old on this trip and he wanted to eat lobster.  We found a great seaside restaurant in Massachusetts and had that lobster!  We saw many beautiful sites and went to many different types of places.  We finished our trip in Washington, D.C. where we got to see our nations capital.  The Smithsonian Institute was a fun thing for our family to experience and could be for yours as well.

I must say that this trip with our boys was such a perfect trip!   We spent quality time with our family, but also spent some quality time experiencing amazing places that are right here in the good ole USA.  I would do that trip again if I could!

Are you wanting to do something special with your family and aren’t quite sure what to do or where to go?  Call me and we will discuss the options.  I would love to help you plan your dream trip!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!


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