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My passion for travel began when I was very young. My parents and my siblings and I learned about the U.S. by traveling to many states and by visiting historical sights in the United States. I have had the pleasure as an adult to travel abroad on a few occasions and hope to continue traveling for the rest of my life. On a recent trip to Italy, I was able to visit places that I had only read about and I enjoyed learning to make pasta in a restaurant in Sorrento, Italy. I had the pleasure of experiencing fabulous tours, cooking classes, and experiencing breathtaking sights.

The world is an amazing place and it is waiting to be explored. I am ready, what about you?


    Janis at Believe It Custom Travel has planned our vacations for many years. She takes care of all the details and has taken away the stress of planning our trips. We have had AMAZING vacations every time! Thank you, Believe It Custom Travel! Michael



    I love it!